Which comments by I'm Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today! were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-08-01Trying to sort my marriage
2018-07-23 Child support hearing and potential child custody issues (California)
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2018-06-12Hysterectomy and child care activites
2018-05-19Father's day gifts for a drummer?
2018-04-25Recommendations for pastel hair dyes
2018-04-11Encouraging songs for IVF
2018-04-07Just learned SO’s relative has faked his own death
2018-04-05Would you, could you, on a boat? With kids?
2018-03-21Rectangles just taste better
2018-03-09Have you seen later-in-life anorexia? (trigger: disordered eating)
2018-03-02What's going on with my legs while I'm sleeping?
2018-03-02Is it OK for male colleague to touch a woman's waist in passing?
2018-02-20I need dishwashing hacks.
2018-02-11Why does my cat want marshmallows?
2018-02-06Have you tried simultaneously eating and not eating legumes?
2018-02-06Have you tried simultaneously eating and not eating legumes?
2018-02-01Divorce, Chaos and Grief: Advice to Get Through?
2018-01-31Beyonce Uncensored
2018-01-30I'd put an emoji here but I don't want any spoilers.
2018-01-12Sexually assaulted by a friend. How to make her understand how I feel?
2018-01-09Difference between albuterol manufacturers, defective inhaler, or other?