Which comments by MiraK were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-10Curbing Christian conservative parents.
2020-12-09Will I hate the movie American Psycho?
2020-12-07welp, this is awkward
2020-12-07welp, this is awkward
2020-10-18I've forgotten how to shop
2020-10-12How to let go of guilt, and forive yourself for becoming the toxic one?
2020-10-05What are some highly regarded books that have faded into obscurity?
2020-10-02Recipe Ideas Needed
2020-09-09Am I being bullied or am I not doing the job well?
2020-09-05Communication difficulties with therapist
2020-08-29How should I furnish this room?
2020-08-28Feminist revenge fantasy books
2020-08-26Should I continue to interview for other jobs after accepting an offer?
2020-08-17Where did I hear this adage about cooking?
2020-08-13Tips on getting through a complicated breakup
2020-07-09Are there any good parenting internet boards left?
2020-07-02Is he a man child?
2020-06-09abolish? defund?
2020-05-17How many people are rude?
2020-05-14Public examples of this personality type?
2020-05-03How much water!?
2020-04-28What are some non-obvious ways that people WFH cause stress on others?
2020-04-27Poems about Parenthood and Babyhood...for Tomorrow.
2020-04-27How was my weekend? Dreadful, you?
2020-04-07Boundaries & Feedback in the Time of COVID
2020-04-06Boundaries & Feedback in the Time of COVID
2020-03-05Help me truly accept my partner and stop worrying about our relationship
2020-02-12How would Mister Rogers go no contact?
2020-02-02Setting boundaries with emotionally difficult elderly parents