Which comments by mochapickle were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-29Can I eat this beautiful slice of key lime pie?
2016-12-28You aren't who you think you are...
2016-12-22Tell me your old dog stories.
2016-12-13Practical suggestions for getting back to feeling good
2016-12-11Another traveling with dog question: flying edition!
2016-12-07Things to "collect" in a neighbourhood or place? Non-internet edition.
2016-11-22Parlez Vous Netflix
2016-11-13Examples of long lasting, successful partnerships between "non-friends"?
2016-11-12Roommate best practices for living with a friend?
2016-09-04Peace, happiness and motivation in 25* words or less
2016-09-03New cancer diagnosis: your best tips, tricks, and books
2016-08-29Strangest Thingsest
2016-08-29Strangest Thingsest
2016-07-28books/films about impostors
2016-07-26books/films about impostors
2016-07-15All out of jokes
2016-07-09Tooth whitening: Zoom!2, Plasma Cool-Light, or leave well enough alone?
2016-07-05Five day cat charm offensive
2016-07-03Dealing with dog anxiety and bad habits
2016-06-14Breakfast, brunch or lunch with a view in Manhattan?
2016-06-01Carafe and cup for the clumsy
2016-05-21Another round of: name our cat?
2016-04-27 [Child-free Filter) Can cats have lasting power of attorney?
2016-04-18A character wearing all her clothes to run away?
2016-04-18A character wearing all her clothes to run away?
2016-04-08Registering cats as emotional support animals?
2016-04-05Short Story Book Club
2016-04-01One Person's Trash is Another's Yadda Yadda
2016-03-31I did a dumb thing. I need to save some underpants. Pls help.
2016-03-28Duck Duck GAAAAAAH
2016-03-26Suggestions for performing a space clearing
2016-03-05What's good about being short?
2016-02-08I have so much to offer, and no where to give.
2016-01-10Help me plan my sleep itinerary?