Which comments by mochapickle were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-11-1121st Century Artist's Way
2022-11-08Like Bob Ross, but not requiring fine motor skills or oil paint
2022-11-07What's on your mind?
2022-10-07How do I ask about this without making people feel judged?
2022-08-19How do you decide between two cities/houses?
2022-08-19feeling stupid, how to reframe this
2022-08-13Help settle a disagreement about masking and covid
2022-08-03Help me find an article about housing first and emergency-room vists
2022-08-03wait, so I’m supposed to do ALL of this now?
2022-07-21How to help mom buy a home without going broke?
2022-07-13Can I eat this? Refrozen gelato in a bouncy castle
2022-05-12[FoodFilter] Non-sugary, portable breakfasts/snacks that keep well?
2022-04-28Where is a pot a kettle?
2022-04-27Where is a pot a kettle?
2022-02-08Jobs for people with a lot of general skills but no specific experience
2022-02-02How to be sick
2022-02-01It's Groundhog Day. Again.
2022-02-01It's Groundhog Day. Again.
2022-02-01It's Groundhog Day. Again.
2022-01-25Geographically ambiguous names, like Lee
2022-01-24Fictional losers?
2022-01-06"what words or phrases have the name ""joel"" in them?"
2022-01-05How to hot cocoa bar?
2022-01-04GamingFilter: How do you remain calm during FPS?