Which comments by Brittanie were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-11-22Two days in Oslo in early December: what should I see and do?
2016-10-06Your Uncommon Song
2016-10-06Paris, Avec Des Petits
2016-10-05Your Uncommon Song
2016-09-25International Pet Transport Logistics Help Needed
2016-09-20Cross Country Running
2016-09-18Help Me Makeup
2016-09-15How to prevent a hangover?
2016-09-03Industrial Heritage Sites in Western Europe
2016-08-31Seeking engrossing nonfiction book suggestions for Europe travel
2016-08-27Journeyman's Feast for Everyone!
2016-08-11Women's fashion in Britain
2016-05-10Gimme your favorite weird sci-fi/horror/etc samples for my radio show!
2016-05-09Vacation for Two in Santa Fe, NM Area
2016-05-09How can I deal with worsening panic issues?
2016-05-03Please help the world's pickiest drinker drink.
2016-05-01Things to do in Brussels?
2016-04-26I can bitch, I can bitch, I can better than you
2016-04-12What blogs/sites do you read that give you Lifehacker-esque content?
2016-03-17Do you have any staple rice and/or beans recipes?
2016-03-16High protein, high fat, infrequent effort cooking
2016-03-14Driving from Gothenburg to Malmo - things to see/do?
2016-03-11How do I get rid of this very toxic guy?
2016-02-26Tips for DIY Ombre Blonde/Platinum on Shorter Hair
2016-02-25Can I see the course syllabus for life?
2016-02-24What do I need to know about transitioning to contract work?
2016-02-22Help me find/customize a minimal, text-based Wordpress theme
2016-02-22Need a mobile task app to manage family to-do lists.
2016-02-16Netherlands and Belgium on a scooter?
2016-02-03Help me keep the waterworks at bay
2016-02-03Spirited reads!
2016-01-31So you won the lottery. Don't blow it all on Prozac.
2016-01-21Getting the most volume when curling short hair
2016-01-21Getting the most volume when curling short hair
2016-01-19ID this song?