Which comments by Larry David Syndrome were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-11-12TV Antenna Help
2022-11-07Interpreting resistance data for my freezer sensor
2022-10-19Winter tires vs minus-one wheels and winter tires
2022-09-29WYOOS YOOB: WTF?
2022-09-09Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball
2022-08-24Wider tires, same wheels?
2022-08-19YANAE, YANME
2022-08-19YANAE, YANME
2022-08-19YANAE, YANME
2022-06-13Safety Dance
2022-06-13Safety Dance
2022-04-21Buyer's mortgage broker is asking for seller's tax returns
2022-04-13What's the deal with the sound on my TV (among other things)?
2022-03-30Staving off rust on my truck (for now)
2022-03-07Car stolen, bummer time to be in the used car market. What to do?
2022-01-21OTA channel not 1080