Which comments by bondcliff were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-15What is there to do in Boston tomorrow night?
2016-12-02Starter Toolkit as a Gift?
2016-11-23What's the purpose of this vintage Tupperware item?
2016-11-16Looking for cat fiction
2016-11-03ISO adults who adult
2016-09-29three prongs good, two prongs bad. no prongs unacceptable!
2016-09-06How to deal with a husband who actively rejects my daughter and me?
2016-09-05How did you meet your significant other?
2016-07-15All out of jokes
2016-06-30Computer games/apps and toys for micro engineers
2016-06-29Recursive food
2016-06-28How to repair damage to floor?
2016-06-13How do I separate these two metal poles?
2016-06-06Pimping the Pontoon Boat
2016-06-01what to do about my crunchy neck
2016-05-07Is this old 2nd hand Harmonica hygienic to use?
2016-04-19How can I "just do what I want" when I don't know what I want?
2016-04-13What is the purpose of the sleeve that comes with a travel umbrella?
2016-01-29How do I structure my guitar practice time?
2016-01-07iMovie won't recognize my Aperture or iPhoto library