Which comments by bondcliff were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-16"What's your cities Simpson's ""must-see attractions"""
2020-09-03Media (books, magazines, podcasts, etc) about backcountry accidents
2020-08-31How do I secure this ladder to the ceiling of my garage? Chains? Straps?
2020-08-10What kind of pump do I want?
2020-07-23One Bench to Rule Them All
2020-07-15Good view of Comet NEOWISE in MA
2020-07-06I can see clearly now the rain is (not) gone
2020-06-22What is this fruit or vegetable?
2020-06-18u just called new bird who dis?
2020-06-11How to deal with a grumpy, hostile neighbor
2020-02-25What does this CHANGE MEAN
2020-01-20The Sunset is Not Over Till It's Over
2020-01-08Decent jig or cheap press?