Which comments by RobinofFrocksley were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-09Where can I find youthful shoes in adult sizes?
2021-10-18Talking with teenagers about existential angst
2021-10-14Song Lyric Riddle
2021-09-16Please help plant ID.
2021-08-28Hotel Dog
2021-08-12Ways to Support Small Child with COVID
2021-06-29what is this weird-ass shower?
2021-06-21How to become a person who just goes out and does things?
2021-05-11All (of) the _x_ in (the) _Y_. More examples?
2021-05-07How to focus on reading?
2021-05-02Wildflower identificaiton
2021-04-26Where do you find bold cheap jewelry?
2021-04-21What strange things has your dog eaten?
2021-04-1950th birthdayfilter:
2021-04-18My kid’s best friend is moving away—how can we make this less awful?
2021-04-14In education, what is this phenomenon called?
2021-04-09Fancy desserts for 2?
2021-03-30What other historical fiction should I read?
2021-03-30How do I get my pup to stop obsessively licking other dogs' faces?
2021-03-29Best ways to use an idle garage spot?
2021-03-23Vegan gardening
2021-03-20Help with a doggy “toddler tantrum”
2021-03-16Catholic School Crossover Ties
2021-03-10What is the Song Title of This Country-Rock Cover from Pre-1970s?
2021-03-01Baby shower gift. Difficulty level: witchy.
2021-02-25Need a crow-proof robin nesting box
2021-02-21My favourite shirt is almost dead.
2021-02-21My favourite shirt is almost dead.
2021-02-18Tell me more about this red plastic hippo in a suit
2021-01-24Miss Maxine’s Identity Crisis
2021-01-18A surfeit of feta...
2021-01-04Planting a peach? tree in Zone 6b
2021-01-04How to keep a puppy busy