Which comments by nouvelle-personne were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

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2020-05-09Breaking Up The Routine
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2020-04-15What's going on with my toenail?
2020-04-07Help wording an email concerning new resident at assisted living home
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2020-03-06Coming out as trans at work
2020-03-03How to deal with the grad school waiting game?
2020-03-02ISO: reasonable sanitizing routine for a condo dweller with a toddler
2020-02-24One neat trick for one day of energy (chronic illness edition)
2020-02-17Next steps for cat bite puncture wound
2020-02-13My memoir was accepted for publication but I'm nixing it. YAY or NAY?
2020-02-11First time karaoke advice
2020-01-28"How to ""break in"" a newly cut door key"
2020-01-22Save Me from Theater Seat-Selection Panic
2020-01-18What else is like Corner Gas?
2020-01-18Resturant Ettiquette.