Which comments by nouvelle-personne were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-23Go to the head of the... MasterClass
2022-12-19Trouble in BFF-land: parenting version
2022-12-07Resources for a helping a friend move past some of her TERF beliefs?
2022-12-05smell this for me, would ya?
2022-12-04What is?
2022-11-26Recommendations: Men's Grooming Products
2022-11-11How to support someone who is dying
2022-11-11Help me with this craving!
2022-11-08Wedding ring wont come off finger…..surgery tomorrow
2022-11-04Tips for creating a childcare co-op?
2022-11-03Diverse(ish) children's books that conservative parents won't hate
2022-11-02Vegan showstoppers for vegans who want to cook more
2022-11-01What are these red fruits or vegetables?
2022-10-15Advice on hiring interior designer?
2022-10-11When will x shortage be over? Especially Carr's Ginger Lemon Cremes?
2022-10-05Infrequent text replies - kiddo in university
2022-10-05Navigating conflicting crisis styles in a family
2022-10-04Dealing with mental fatigue throughout the week
2022-10-03How do you fold laundry fast and efficiently?
2022-10-02Guidance on how to discuss quality of children's TV with children
2022-09-28how can I help?
2022-09-26ISO history of governess phenomenon & sexuality that arose
2022-09-26"How to address tech ""bro"" coworker who talks over or dismisses you?"
2022-09-26Good luck? Good […]!
2022-09-19YANMD. Did chia seeds and heavy weights do this to me, abdomen edition.
2022-09-17Cat has an open sore. Vet or wait and see?
2022-09-11singers of AskMe please help
2022-09-11Confusing a shepherd’s pie and a chicken pot pie in Canada?
2022-09-11And... scene. Looking for interesting two-person scenes for acting class
2022-08-31Resources for non-traditional parents?
2022-08-31Somewhere to violin for about an hour close to the montreal airport?
2022-08-30Animal Kingdom Eye Durability
2022-08-27Decyphering frozen samosa cooking instructions
2022-08-26dude, get out of my head.
2022-08-22bad photos, bad shirt, bad self-esteem
2022-08-22Find the *narrow lapel/collar* moto/biker jacket of my dreams?
2022-08-22Deodorant/antiperspirant for the sweaty, picky person in a sticky summer
2022-08-19feeling stupid, how to reframe this
2022-08-18how to accept partner's apology and move on
2022-08-14Help settle a disagreement about masking and covid
2022-08-02Could the Other Grandmother please back off?
2022-07-30High-fiber foods on a road trip?
2022-07-30High-fiber foods on a road trip?
2022-07-26Exterior wiring for speakers and telephone - keep them for any reason?
2022-07-21How to help mom buy a home without going broke?
2022-07-20Where are the dads?
2022-07-19Car entertainment for 4-year-old
2022-07-18What questions are you considering regarding the neverending plague?
2022-07-16Why don't they make painergy drinks?
2022-07-14Calling all cleaning fairies (and contractors)!
2022-07-03Can I drink from this: French press edition
2022-07-01What’s an alternate name for flat plastic lace (“gimp”, rexlace, etc)?
2022-06-30Stationery, etc. that rhymes with “face”
2022-06-27Coping with temporary chaos/clutter without meltdowns
2022-06-22How to become a better texter?
2022-06-20Did I overstep by giving my kid's friend a Covid test?
2022-06-17Can I move a spider?
2022-06-13Healing from a weird break-up
2022-06-10Gifts that come in pairs
2022-06-07How do you handle raw meat?
2022-06-06Headshot makeup when masking
2022-06-05Did I burn my trachea/bronchia?
2022-06-03What do you want me to know about the iPhone 13?
2022-06-02Is there a Mister Rogers in your neighborhood?
2022-05-31Friend, not nice words, frankly I'm offended, need to say good-bye
2022-05-31Help, I spooked my cat
2022-05-28Broken Ankle Advice?
2022-05-26Kissing cousins with Botox/Latisse
2022-05-17Skin cancer, sunscreen, all the things
2022-05-15Recipefilter: what did I buy and how do I use it
2022-05-15How to succeed in a new remote job, with a startup?
2022-05-13Enzyme cleaner for urine on sofa?
2022-05-10Me talk to kids one day
2022-05-07Friendship grief
2022-05-05Awesome services and product companys with terrible online presence
2022-05-01help me feel better about money
2022-04-23what is this person's service that makes decisions for you?
2022-04-21What media hit you differently the second time around?
2022-04-19Flying with too many electronics
2022-04-18Just tested positive for covid - next steps?
2022-04-18Just tested positive for covid - next steps?
2022-04-18Geographically ambiguous names, like Lee
2022-04-14Ever make peace with not knowing how someone died?
2022-04-13How did my grandmother *actually* like her eggs?
2022-04-10good books/docmrntaties on an absurdly specific topic
2022-04-09Help me use up my bottle of minced garlic!
2022-04-06Naming a dental practice
2022-04-06Best practices when taking major antibiotics?
2022-04-04is this a good time to refinance?
2022-04-03Sadness over ghosting; how to deal?
2022-04-01Best parts about parenting a boy?
2022-03-27Where to find other sighted spouses of people with visual impairment?
2022-03-15Meal service that allows others to donate funds
2022-03-14Amusements for the discerning senior baby/junior toddler
2022-03-10Should I stay (at home) or should I go (back to work)?
2022-03-08When setting goals sets you up for failure
2022-03-07When setting goals sets you up for failure
2022-03-07Tipping barber after rescheduled appointment?
2022-03-03How to not care about making enemies at work
2022-03-03Starting a Workout Regime with One Leg Tied Behind My Back
2022-02-10Why does my elevated temperature not register at the doctor's office?
2022-02-07My 5.5 year old wants to get hit by a car when he is upset
2022-01-31How can I be a better coach for these kids?
2022-01-29How to donate a large amount of instant ramen
2022-01-28Was I being scammed? Or was this an innocent encounter?
2022-01-26Toronto and Thornhill, Ontario archery recommendation for instructor.
2022-01-25Geographically ambiguous names, like Lee
2022-01-25is it ok that this pissed me off?
2022-01-25Need help with my ''post'' pandemic attempt at a relationship
2022-01-21A very good year
2022-01-21How do we de-Covid after Covid?
2022-01-21How do we de-Covid after Covid?
2022-01-09Cold War Kid Toys
2022-01-03What are the terms and concepts that artsy people use today?
2022-01-03What do you do for leg pain when you sit down?
2022-01-03What do you do for leg pain when you sit down?