Which comments by niicholas were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-11-12Is the world in need of additional copies of The American Mercury?
2020-11-09Got any hot drinks you enjoy with salty snacks?
2020-10-04is there a way to sell/donate house fixtures before demolition?
2020-09-30Erie canal houseboat library needed!
2020-09-12Resources to learn more about my antique apartment heating system??
2020-09-09Fill my playlist
2020-08-19How did Galileo grind his lenses?
2020-08-06"What recent artist/band had a ""mystery old recording"" publicity stunt?"
2020-07-24Hot and cold water sometimes switching
2020-06-22What is this fruit or vegetable?
2020-06-17Tiny model cars - how do they stay on the road?
2020-06-01What kind of flooring do we have?
2020-01-29Ideas for amazing tofu: how to get tofu with crispy crust/silky inside
2020-01-08Tire Chains: What Do I Need to Know?