Which comments by jessamyn were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-30Serious work, working less than full time? Examples? Resources?
2016-12-29Tips for starting my 40s off right
2016-12-28You aren't who you think you are...
2016-12-28State vs.Federal Programs
2016-12-27How can I up my hair game while still remaining extremely lazy?
2016-12-23How do I tell my close friend that Other Friend is toxic to me?
2016-12-18Pimp my Mac
2016-12-17Does it help organizations to have me on their mailing lists?
2016-12-14Should I move to my family farm?
2016-12-13Political Buttons in Denver
2016-12-13How to move past a road rage incident?
2016-12-12What should I be thinking about when it comes to a birth plan?
2016-12-12Good fresh fruit-based appetizer for Christmas brunch?
2016-12-12Are My Photos Misleading?
2016-12-11Hack my swim rituals.
2016-12-09Gift ideas for a dude who likes weird things
2016-12-09Gift ideas for a dude who likes weird things
2016-12-09Need to acquire a handicap accessible vehicle
2016-12-09Personal Statement Writer's Block
2016-12-07Help Me Dance Better About Architecture
2016-12-05Pimp my Airbnb
2016-12-01My mother just died. Bank Account Concerns
2016-11-3058 seats. 62 Koreans.
2016-11-26Making Twitter safer
2016-11-20DCA to BOS = Snow Tires?
2016-11-15How to navigate a tricky friendship?
2016-11-15Help Me Fit in at the Gun Range
2016-11-12How to deal with split feelings on the Trump win inside your home?
2016-11-11Trans law help for a lawyer
2016-11-05Many words about a housemate situation
2016-11-02Meta Deal Finder
2016-10-24What you said upset me, because I actually do care
2016-10-21Is eating with utensils better than eating with your hand?
2016-10-19Care and feeding of a garbage disposal
2016-10-16it'll be just like a sleepover, except not!
2016-10-14Problem with New Facebook Status Update "Effect"
2016-10-13Maximum home cosiness (hygge) with a budget of UK £200 to spend online?
2016-10-11Ever seen red flags that weren't actually red flags?
2016-10-11Is it unreasonable to bow out of a work trip?
2016-10-09Uber deleted my account, now I can't get an account
2016-10-02How do you power through an anxiety attack and improve your mood?
2016-10-02Shortest path to resolving anxiety
2016-09-29It's Good but I Still Hate It
2016-09-26Need help understanding my self-absorbed mother and what to do about her
2016-09-24Teach me to speak Masshole
2016-09-24How can an introvert psych herself up to do something social?
2016-09-20MIL is sick and won't let FIL leave her side
2016-09-20Fold away workspace. Does something like this exist?
2016-09-15Nana had a tetradrachm
2016-09-15Nana had a tetradrachm
2016-09-15Nana had a tetradrachm
2016-09-15Make making envelopes easier
2016-09-15Boundary setting with friends
2016-09-11Long Rural Driveway Snow Removal Options
2016-09-01For good or bad, how do organizations mislead customers and clients?
2016-08-22Getting your hair dry *and* being a good girlfriend?
2016-08-21What can I do with Rosemary?
2016-08-19How does your non-profit org get access to academic journals?
2016-08-18Fictional nerds
2016-08-18What shape are the numbers?
2016-08-15Polite Way to Ask Someone to Stay Seated When Not Needed
2016-08-15Creepy Easter eggs for my new house?
2016-08-14Brainstorm Me
2016-08-13Brainstorm Me
2016-08-11Origin of a quote purported to be by Tecumseh
2016-08-06Strange, dreamy books set by the ocean
2016-08-05WordPress Search not searching properly - at wit's end
2016-08-04What is Shirley Temple reading?
2016-08-03Third Party DVR that works with SlingTV?
2016-07-27What's making this creepy noise?
2016-07-27There's a rat in the kitchen, what am I going to do
2016-07-27There's a rat in the kitchen, what am I going to do
2016-07-24Seeking small ways to practice gratitude and generosity
2016-07-21What does the Braille on this restroom sign say?
2016-07-21What does the Braille on this restroom sign say?
2016-07-21Just Tighten It Up a Little Here and There
2016-07-19Fiction set in Quebec City?
2016-07-17Business or Leisure?
2016-07-17Business or Leisure?
2016-07-16How did you sleep last night?
2016-06-30Do I squash the seed of leaving or just let it grow?
2016-06-29What natural phenomena are worth a trip?
2016-06-28From A to B to Xe(la)
2016-06-23How do I purchase German stamps in the US?
2016-06-23Storing gasoline
2016-06-18Medication for public speaking phobia?
2016-06-14nervous about flying because i can't stop thinking about death
2016-06-13Should I try to be superwoman?
2016-06-08Help me minimize my card exposure
2016-06-08Please make me feel better about my partner hiking the West Coast Trail
2016-06-05How to stop wanting things: practical advice
2016-06-03Seeking librarians' input on hotspot lending
2016-06-01Is open carry of firearms legal in Minneapolis parks?
2016-06-01Why is Numbers (the spreadsheet app) for ios doing this?
2016-05-28Anxious Procrastination. Delaying gratification.
2016-05-27My Twitter Account has booted me out, is asking for phone number - hope!
2016-05-23It's not you; it's me, not understanding you (Closure Edition)
2016-05-22Why can't I go to Google? Why do I sometimes get redirected to LinkedIn?
2016-05-22Please help me stop reading Seveneves
2016-05-21Legality of 1P-LSD in Romania?
2016-05-20Weekend trip out of Denver
2016-05-16Should I go to Nantucket? Or to Acadia National Park? No car!
2016-05-10Self-publishing an ebook for fun
2016-05-09How do you teach boundaries and respect?
2016-05-08Playing it by ear in Queensland
2016-05-08does being put on probation at work mean you're going to get fired?
2016-05-07Help me respond to self-described "fangirls" freaking out about me!
2016-05-06Healthily approaching close friendships with a bit of attraction in them
2016-05-04how do i emotionally disconnect while remaining supportive?
2016-05-02iPad Air 2 Accessories & Advice for a Tech Un-Savvy Senior
2016-05-02How to age and not become mentally/socially rigid and cranky?
2016-05-02Good recent biographies or autobiographies (books preferred)?
2016-04-30Smart, prickly hermit relative is delusional/psychotic and we're scared
2016-04-29Smart, prickly hermit relative is delusional/psychotic and we're scared
2016-04-28How does obesity "wreak havoc on the vagina"?
2016-04-25Health care proxy has been invoked. What power does this give me?
2016-04-25How do I put somebody's eye out?
2016-04-23Should we stick with our financial/investment advisor or with the bank?
2016-04-20Road Food Montreal-Boston?
2016-04-19ISO of an iPhone app that can record sound decibel level
2016-04-18Road Food Montreal-Boston?
2016-04-16I had and encounter with a neighbor that's weirding me out
2016-04-13Help me avoid the WASP trap.
2016-04-13Not quite "sharing economy" but what?
2016-04-11What is wrong with my ear?!
2016-04-10Consumable Gifts for Kids
2016-04-10National Sibling Day. But he's a buttmunch.
2016-04-09Hard-boiled detective fiction from the last 30 years?
2016-04-09Respecting religious differences in emotionally charged conversations?
2016-04-07Movie calendars from Ogden Theater in Denver in the 80s.
2016-04-07Hair Cut??? Shivers
2016-04-07What might be some Russian main dishes that can be frozen?
2016-04-07Can we teach the dogs to read while they are in the library?
2016-04-05Just exactly how stupid would I be to pursue my MLIS?
2016-04-04Why is Spotlight completely re-indexing the hard drive on every startup?
2016-04-01How to deal with unwanted gifts that have great value to the gifter?
2016-03-28Any advice for family trip to D.C. in April?
2016-03-27Best relationship hacks for an anxious-preoccupied attachment style?
2016-03-24Non-Engineering Nonfiction Books for Engineers?
2016-03-22How/if to explain getting kicked out of housing to potential roommates
2016-03-22Children's Books on Disabilities
2016-03-18Same basket; new eggs -- PodcastFilter
2016-03-18How to care for pretty new car?
2016-03-16Navigating family expectations about wedding surprises
2016-03-13Tick Tock
2016-03-12 In what year was the movie "Midnight Run" supposed to be set?
2016-03-07How can I deal better with my husband eyeing other women?
2016-03-06Elder care for an aunt with schizophrenia. Help me stay sane!
2016-03-04What I do have are a very particular set of skills
2016-03-04Am I eligible for unemployment?
2016-03-04Memory tips for pronouns
2016-02-26working with student with mental health issues--delusions of persecution
2016-02-25Elderly Parents + iPad - Computer = ???
2016-02-24Buying an New Computer (Apple Desktop). Looking for Options...
2016-02-22Critique my cross-country driving route please: Oregon to South Carolina
2016-02-22Tips for writing a gender-neutral interview?
2016-02-22Help me find/customize a minimal, text-based Wordpress theme
2016-02-21Instead of dining out, where can we go to get out?
2016-02-19How to not work
2016-02-18Name a community weblog without an "o" in the name. Bet you can't!
2016-02-18What would you expect in a proofreading class?
2016-02-12Starting a Movie Night
2016-02-12I want to be the princess who doesn't give a crap about the pea
2016-02-11Cannot start the battery. Battery!
2016-02-10Getting off the gravy train
2016-02-07Love and Connection
2016-02-05Shaking up my comfort zone
2016-02-03we know you did something, pay us and it'll go away
2016-02-03How do I handle communications with friends of my deceased father?
2016-02-03Business for the sake of business
2016-01-28Exercise heart rate too high?
2016-01-27Where should I start with adult coloring?
2016-01-26Emergency/EoL Digital Asset Planning
2016-01-24Did Thomas Jefferson have a birth certificate?
2016-01-23How did pre-WW2 undergraduates access library resources?
2016-01-18I have. He has not. What to do?
2016-01-15No sense of belonging
2016-01-15How to care for the leather upper on Sorel Boots?
2016-01-14What Research is There on Technology, Communication, and Empathy?
2016-01-14in service of ritual
2016-01-13muscle memory, don't send me to people.com again
2016-01-02How to quickly, but nicely, shutdown all diet/weight discussions?
2016-01-02Can YOU solve the mystery of the missing soymilk maker manual?
2016-01-02Like Dorothea Lange, but inside and without people.