Which comments by jessamyn were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-30How can I have a social trivia experience on the internet?
2020-12-29Best Netflix-only, streaming now, intelligent charming movies?
2020-12-20Can we make trivia into a side gig?
2020-12-13Referral for Biohazard cleaners (& Pest Control?) in the Chicago area
2020-12-10Disinfecting car after service: COVID edition
2020-12-09Jewelry designers/jewelers/gemologists of MF: career advice needed!
2020-12-09How are libraries charged for patron database use?
2020-12-07Free stock images of serious conversations
2020-12-06Best books for tweens
2020-12-04Twitter tutors?
2020-12-03Options for accessing organization google account
2020-11-23How to look after my inner child?
2020-11-11Becoming a Sports Fan
2020-11-10Bird feeders for a balcony
2020-11-10this shouldn't be awkward but I'm think I'm overthinking it
2020-11-08Tech novices need to send videos of themselves to me.
2020-11-08How Do I say No to a Family Funeral
2020-11-07Figuring out pseudonyms, posthumously?
2020-11-06what's the best way to organize bedding?
2020-10-30Gifted Car and a Confusion of Factors
2020-10-28Mask only, or face shield + mask?
2020-10-23i need the easiest-drinking booze
2020-09-30What is my best option for managing multiple Gmail accounts?
2020-09-29Present ideas for a trivia buff?
2020-09-25Books that foster wonderment about the body
2020-09-25Salem Architecture, 17th c.
2020-09-25What did I watch?
2020-09-23Did Ted Bundy say this?
2020-09-20What do you say when someone dies? Estranged/bad relationship edition.
2020-09-17Father died without a will. What now?
2020-09-15Sudden Death of Parent...Nobody Know Who the Trustee Is
2020-09-12What came before, GERD or the alcoholism? Vertigo or the weed?
2020-08-27Lesser known racial faux pas
2020-08-20Twitter blocking sprees: Worthwhile anti-hate move, or waste of time?
2020-08-15What's after the Rise and Fall of Sanctuary Moon
2020-08-09Moving the laundry
2020-08-08Life in a suburban house vs. downtown apartment?
2020-08-08Where Else Can I Print Documents For Cheap?
2020-08-05Book recommendations involving twins?
2020-08-03FOMO, COVID edition
2020-08-02Google Meet interview howto
2020-07-31Masks vs superspreaders?
2020-07-22Books or resources for OS X for not-so-dummies?
2020-07-18Any tips for helping me be more patient and compassionate?
2020-07-11How do I get this health insurance reimbursement claim completed?
2020-07-10Amazon account breached, how to deal with aftermath?
2020-07-05How did Harlan Ellison make a living?
2020-06-20Pentangle / Sweet Child / John Donne Song
2020-06-20Pentangle / Sweet Child / John Donne Song
2020-06-18u just called new bird who dis?
2020-06-13How might I move a cat 3000 miles during a pandemic?
2020-06-09abolish? defund?
2020-06-06What to say about sexism in an online community?
2020-06-04HR reprimanded me for discussing protests. Now what?
2020-05-29Take me back to Vermont in the summertime
2020-05-09Please help me retrieve my Yahoo account
2020-05-05Ways to use salt and vinegar powder
2020-05-05Yet another sharing-an-iPad question
2020-04-29How do I help my spouse keep up our home internet setup after I die?
2020-04-27unobtrusive, even transparent, third-party chat?
2020-04-27How was my weekend? Dreadful, you?
2020-04-20Help me find good Trans 101 content
2020-04-20I Am Once Again Asking for Your Hip Hop Mix Suggestions
2020-04-15Stickers on a postcard?
2020-04-10could I make a wikipedia page stick?
2020-04-06Boundaries & Feedback in the Time of COVID
2020-04-05Out of Egypt and into the frying pan
2020-04-02who does twitter recommend to you?
2020-03-22People who dislike physical contact
2020-03-11Freecycle for archives and old publications?
2020-03-06Friend doesn't understand boundaries; what to do?
2020-03-01Can you help me learn more about the purpose of these stone slabs?
2020-02-28What is the prize you get for marathoning Moby Dick?
2020-02-21Routines: sticking to the plan with tenacity
2020-02-17Best email newsletter service for this specific application?
2020-02-17Help me get over my anxiety about hosting a birthday party
2020-02-03Halp me vet the stipulations in my long-term work contract
2020-02-01Finding New Authors
2020-01-311918 pandemic: looking for non-fiction book recommendations
2020-01-28Help me like a food I can't stand!
2020-01-28What to include in a Library of Things?
2020-01-27OK Boomer needs a new smart phone thingie
2020-01-23I wish to earn money online as a disabled/mobility limited person.
2020-01-18What else is like Corner Gas?
2020-01-16How to turn off favicons in Google search results
2020-01-16Navigating Complexities of Web Development with Customers
2020-01-12Why do people take dna tests for amusement? Why?!