Which comments by jessamyn were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-30most cost-efficient way to check out ebooks from the library?
2021-12-21Great questions to ask your elders
2021-12-15Where do I go after Wells Fargo? Looking for a new brokerage.
2021-12-12How has activism made a difference?
2021-12-08Help me fix an obnoxious dynamic
2021-12-07Good Bank Account for SSI Recipient with Representative Payee?
2021-12-07is there someone I can pay to put air in my own tires for me?
2021-12-03Looking for new hard SF book recommendations
2021-11-22Who gets the Thanksgiving invite
2021-11-03Mystery equipment tag ---what was it?
2021-10-15"How can I legally and ethically watch Hannah Gadsby's ""Nanette"" special?"
2021-10-10Stickies, Whiteboard, Bulletin Board, or Word Doc on Mac
2021-10-07How do I get excited about the books on my shelf?
2021-10-03Can you solve this mystery about a book?
2021-09-28lightweight iPhone for someone with neuropathy?
2021-09-28lightweight iPhone for someone with neuropathy?
2021-09-15How to organize a household... with wildly different planning styles
2021-09-11Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
2021-08-06What to see when visiting east coast colleges, esp. scenic driving route
2021-08-04Free my boobs!
2021-07-20Library book with potentially valuable author's signature
2021-07-18Can you recommend vacations by train from NYC (not Philly, Boston, DC)?
2021-07-09What to do in Vermont when traveling companion has mobility issues?
2021-07-02explain to me about binoculars?
2021-06-18Interesting cookie recipes?
2021-06-15Thanks for your gratitude practices and rituals
2021-06-01Cutting down on time together
2021-05-25Help a non-Apple person troubleshoot and grandparent-proof an iPhone
2021-05-14Best printer Recommendations for printing color D&D maps and handouts.
2021-05-12Activity Ideas Besides Talking for One-on-One Zooms
2021-05-01How do I throw away books responsibly?
2021-04-29Tell me about your severe and/or extended COVID vaccine reactions.
2021-04-20Online, asynchronous Hearts game?
2021-04-15Where can my sister buy in RI for 150-200K?
2021-03-26Settlement insurance
2021-03-25I wish to find this short story
2021-03-22How do geneticists try to thwart racists from misusing their research?
2021-02-24Where do all the great, professonal obituary writers hang out these days
2021-02-20Reading alt text within Tweetdeck scheduled tweets?
2021-02-07How hard is it to revert to a time machine backup?
2021-02-06Diabetes-friendly cold breakfast cereals?
2021-02-05ZOOM Alternatives VERY Friendly to Non-Techies, No Time Limit?
2021-02-05Big digitizing/scanning/archive project. Need your advice on a workflow!
2021-01-31Eat it? Morningstar version
2021-01-28Best charity as beneficiary for a charitable remainder trust?
2021-01-24Integrating Technology for Activist Group
2021-01-23Tell me how you disengage your anxiety spiral
2021-01-12Help me be paranoid in the right direction