Which comments by jessamyn were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-09-27Eventual fallout for existing loans on inherited property
2022-09-13I need a website blocker for my Mac and Apple devices
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2022-08-10Kobo for library ebooks?
2022-08-10Kobo for library ebooks?
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2022-07-23Long defunct organizations/groups/movements that have come to life
2022-07-22A novel question
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2022-06-20Did I overstep by giving my kid's friend a Covid test?
2022-06-20Small splinter in the bottom of my foot… help?
2022-06-16How do I share news with my direct report about a job they wanted?
2022-06-14Tablet with specific qualities
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2022-06-10Moving from MA to NH: Best practices and recommendations
2022-06-06How to handle family drama/estrangement? (Narcissistic Mother Version)
2022-06-04Supportive not Suffocating Reader
2022-06-02Is there a Mister Rogers in your neighborhood?
2022-05-25Classic stoner films (maybe even a documentary too?)
2022-05-24Non-sexist info on PMS
2022-05-10"Resolving perpetual ""addressee unknown"" issue with USPS"
2022-05-06ghosting fury redux
2022-05-05nightmares ruining my day
2022-05-01what kind of disability-estate pro does this U.S. person need?
2022-04-28Stories of Long, Successful Recoveries (Neurology Edition)
2022-04-28What to do with maple syrup jelly?
2022-04-27Where is a pot a kettle?
2022-04-20Publicizing a virtual appearance by a comic book creator?
2022-04-18How can we help libraries in the US?
2022-04-17tell me about southwestern vermont
2022-04-13Does it take one to know one? What if I actually like them?
2022-04-09What do animal-adoption references get asked exactly?
2022-03-26How can the librarians be funded?
2022-03-15Have the things you find on the ground changed in the last 30 years?
2022-03-12small, easy-to-maintain listserv that isn't a Google Group in TYOL 2022
2022-03-09Jewish dress in the Hasmonean period
2022-02-27VOTE SAXON
2022-02-24Reenactment request/tents
2022-02-10downloading a youtube video to a flash drive
2022-01-21How to legally change name and gender in the US from overseas?
2022-01-18I am apparently not lord of all my domain
2022-01-11Twitter thread explaining the links between 'hard money' and racism.
2022-01-10What gadget should replace our toaster oven?
2022-01-10What gadget should replace our toaster oven?
2022-01-07"Not ""never fear"" but want some limits"
2022-01-06Wait, there is an arrow key???!?!
2022-01-01Seeking books about resource management