Which comments by seanmpuckett were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

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2020-07-09Quarantine workout/yoga video suggestions
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2020-06-20Buying high-quality art prints online
2020-06-09abolish? defund?
2020-04-19Messy but sterile
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2020-02-28Living with the sound of doors slamming?
2020-02-26Buying from Ukranian or Russian Web Store from the US?
2020-01-30"5. Doesn't rhyme with ""lavachipped"""
2020-01-25Chinese B2C Shopping sites?
2020-01-23How can I grow to like someone I don't?
2020-01-15Starting a new gym program in the new year
2020-01-13Save the cat pictures! (Help me pick a home NAS)
2020-01-11Loosing the connection