Which comments by k3ninho were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-11-17DJ sets to get me through the workday
2021-11-14Posting passport for verification UK pre-settled status
2021-10-10I want to aggregate everything of mine online
2021-10-05Help me data better
2021-08-21"Limiting global temperature increase to x above ""Pre-industrial Levels"""
2021-07-24I read or viewed personal development advice and now can't find it again
2021-07-24How to stand out as a future experience designer?
2021-06-14The spice must flow...for movie night
2021-06-12Which sports are completely dominated by a single person currently?
2021-06-04Halp with software dev SMART goals
2021-05-07Do you make partition in NAS disk that has large capacity?
2021-05-01External storage for the new M1 iMac?
2021-02-23All-in-one color laser printer scanner for Mac recommendations?
2021-02-14Pass it down the alley, and keep the story straight.
2021-02-07From Concept to Code? Ingest checklist, present follow-up questionnaire.
2021-01-27Help me to throttle zoom and google meets?
2021-01-03How do I force my graphics card to decode streaming videos?
2021-01-01Running shoe recommendation?