Which comments by BobTheScientist were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-28Books about being off the grid / moving away
2021-12-21Great questions to ask your elders
2021-12-15Help me learn about Asian countries and their history and cusine
2021-12-13Cozy wood stove cooking
2021-12-03Physics/Biology/Chemistry equivalent to 'lock-in'?
2021-11-06Can you recommend a narration of Four Quartets?
2021-10-22Poems about makers
2021-10-15"""Democracy in America"", but for other countries?"
2021-09-25How to deal with cockroach spray on kitchen utensils
2021-09-04Best time to travel to Ireland
2021-09-03France sounds nice...
2021-08-08Good hardcover book to browse in the evening with a glass of wine
2021-08-06What to see when visiting east coast colleges, esp. scenic driving route
2021-06-15Gift for Bridge Player?
2021-06-03Book recommendations: likable characters, good writing, humor
2021-05-07Charity for covid relief in India?
2021-05-06Science Fiction Beach Reads
2021-05-01Cat lost in unfamiliar territory
2021-04-24What's the name of this book? Very vague chemistry edition
2021-04-20Admin professionals day - work from home edition
2021-04-20Tea mug with historical motif
2021-04-20rivers and gorge paths and trees
2021-04-13How can I recreate a relaxing fancy hotel stay but at home?
2021-04-09Help me help my mother do her history homework
2021-04-03Oldest depictions of rude gestures
2021-03-15Name change to a chosen last name - anecdotal experiences?
2021-03-05Name for that robot in the parking lot?
2021-02-20Lean to the left, lean to the right, stand up, sit down, toilet height?