Which comments by Superilla were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-06Simplest way to build a fantasy rail map/plan?
2022-11-22How can two people have simultaneous Zoom calls in a small space?
2022-11-07How much should I donate to metafilter?
2022-11-02If I Have To Press 'Block' One More Time, I Swear To God...
2022-11-01Vegan showstoppers for vegans who want to cook more
2022-10-20Historic trends in retail/shopping floor space
2022-07-27Is there an measure of MLB team record that corrects for opponents?
2022-06-20Museums of loot
2022-06-08Why is the trash under the sink?
2022-05-27Who is well known, based in Ontario, and not wild expensive?
2022-05-20Sample Testing in an Incomplete Block Design
2022-05-10Is inflation really Biden's fault?
2022-04-13Recommend a new(er) Android phone for architectural & text photos
2022-03-01Aggro electronic from '99-2000ish
2022-02-09Eight out of ten ain't bad
2022-02-02What book was this - mathematically dividing inheritance?
2022-02-02What book was this - mathematically dividing inheritance?
2022-01-21A very good year