Which comments by snickerdoodle were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-20Teach me how to daycare drop off.
2016-11-30I can't believe it's not snake oil!!!
2016-11-25Help me 27F healthily approach sister 20F, Thanksgiving is a shitshow.
2016-11-11How can I find out what companies are in cahoots with Trump?
2016-11-11Relocating to Pittsburgh/Ann Arbor, lifestyle, tech jobs?
2016-10-20Should I fight for my relationship for our daughter's sake?
2016-10-11Baby-Friendly Meeting Spot in Manhattan?
2016-10-04You kiss your mother with that racist mouth?
2016-09-29Income Taxes - Live in NJ, Work in NY. Looking at working in NJ soon...
2016-08-28H&M Blouse Size-mergency
2016-08-13Toddler seat me
2016-07-12Visiting relatives who have guns when you have a toddler
2016-06-14My summer just fell apart
2016-05-21Rent vs Buy: Rental Market is Bananas edition
2016-05-21Rent vs Buy: Rental Market is Bananas edition
2016-05-03Easy-clean leakproof 20 oz. coffee mug with loop or strap?
2016-05-01Availibility / Reliability of Uber Family in NYC
2016-04-26In total cognitive dissonance re: physical punishment. Please help.
2016-04-24Help me make foods taste more garlicky.
2016-03-17What about the post-wedding, YOU'RE MARRIED NOW checklist?
2016-03-16Navigating family expectations about wedding surprises
2016-03-15What arrangement is best for a newborn of parents living apart?
2016-03-04Is the IMMI GO kids carseat any good?
2016-02-28Three-year-old seems really unhappy
2016-02-20Maybe my scale's broken?
2016-02-19Emotions for grown ups and toddlers
2016-02-11Good morning, sunshine!
2016-01-18Shampoo/conditioner recs for mostly average Asian hair
2016-01-08Unknown unknowns of baby #2?