Which comments by cgg were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-17Where do I find a new case for an iPhone XR?
2022-12-01Do you have pictures of goats you would let me use for gifts??
2022-11-01Pet Monitoring Camera
2022-10-20Anything but The Canon.
2022-09-22Can you find this phone?
2022-07-24Term for fitting employee compensation to group-based constraints?
2022-06-21Which rental car/SUV has good space for suitcases? Like, 6 suitcases?
2022-05-13Cat enrichment ideas? Difficulty level: special needs senior cats
2022-05-03Why am I so gassy and why do I have yellow poop??
2022-04-28Irriitable customer leaves me feeling a little bruised
2022-04-07Living in UTC+0
2022-02-17Is it unethical for me to videotape people outside w/o their permission?
2022-02-08How do I deal with guilt after putting my dog down?
2022-01-10What gadget should replace our toaster oven?
2022-01-04US passport renewal from Canada