Which comments by coffeecat were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-28Where should I go to get a piece of glass out of my foot?
2022-12-27Podcasts discussing AI technology and applications
2022-12-22How dangerous is this?
2022-12-20What house plants are fatal to cats?
2022-12-13when friends give you that itchy tshirt tag feeling..
2022-12-11Where to start with Foucault? ...Can one start with Foucault?
2022-12-01Help me trust my vet and/or learn to ask better questions?
2022-11-28How to leave someone you love?
2022-10-31Panera alternative in Salt Lake City?
2022-10-31Crossing the border with Sudafed
2022-10-14How did the Nazi's have enough soldiers to conquer most of Europe?
2022-10-08How can I be a less supportive friend
2022-10-07How do I ask about this without making people feel judged?
2022-10-06A season abroad! But where?
2022-09-25Breaking Down the House
2022-08-31Follow up read to The Promise
2022-07-30Bike stolen from building, have footage. What next?
2022-07-21How to help mom buy a home without going broke?
2022-07-20Best Winter Camping That Isn’t Wintery? (US edition)
2022-07-20Community Cat?
2022-07-20what the hell is this?
2022-07-15how to stop thinking my ex friend is better than me
2022-07-15Rethinking work after tenure
2022-07-09Triangulate our travel? (U.S. northeast/ Ohio/ mid-atlantic)
2022-07-01US Politics: How much do fundraising deadlines matter, really?
2022-06-29Metafilter Expats: How to live in a corrupt country?
2022-06-29Metafilter Expats: How to live in a corrupt country?
2022-06-22Housemate romance coming to an end. How do I move on?
2022-06-15how to be less paranoid as a young woman living in a city?
2022-06-01Baltimore for the weekend with 8 adults and Paul McCartney
2022-05-30Why are my family members leaving me out?
2022-05-22Is there hope for the tone deaf?
2022-05-22How do I know when a cat is at end of life?
2022-05-15I need input on how to handle a comment from my partner
2022-05-12What is my bread baking strategy for this weekend?
2022-05-01Why is Johnny Depp front and center to my entire online life right now?
2022-05-01help me feel better about money
2022-04-26Find me gentle, fictional, happy ending TV
2022-04-17this too shall pass? really? how can you be sure?
2022-04-17What media hit you differently the second time around?
2022-04-14Ever make peace with not knowing how someone died?
2022-04-11my ex-friends hate me and i can't handle it
2022-03-30Digital Blackface at work
2022-03-25What's wrong with this picture? (literally)
2022-03-23New Orleans in June with Mobility issues
2022-03-22Help me evaluate the COVID risk of returning to the office
2022-03-16"What was Fela Kuti referring to on ""Let's Start""?"
2022-03-08Downsides of metformin?
2022-03-08Would it be fun for me to go to Art Basel (in Basel)?
2022-02-20Keep or give up foster kittens?
2022-02-15Vegan Baltimore and things to do while not eating
2022-02-11Bowl me over with lunch ideas!
2022-02-01help me be a side sleeper
2022-02-01Data on reinfection after omicron
2022-01-30Great Smoky Mountains versus Shenandoah National Park
2022-01-26Where to go in February for a couple of weeks, east coast edition
2022-01-25Butch woman seeks officewear shopping recommendations
2022-01-22I've worn a Hawaiian shirt for over 10 years, what now?
2022-01-15I think I need to cut off my family, but I'm heartbroken at the thought
2022-01-15What is this weird (scam?) email?