Which comments by MollyRealized were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-23Go to the head of the... MasterClass
2022-12-19How to talk to my teenage son about not leaving evidence of masturbation
2022-12-17Help me find this (detective?) show!
2022-12-10Does this Mac daily event-notification app exist?
2022-11-28Resources to help me, a man, overcome my dislike and mistrust of men
2022-11-14tell me about Januvia
2022-11-05Music sung to depressed/suicidal people
2022-10-28Maybe Symptoms of a heart attack but not right now. ER anyway?
2022-10-18Need access to NYT article
2022-09-30Is there a Google Alerts type service for internet discussion forums?
2022-09-23Just whistle while you walk
2022-09-12what are my responsibilities to a new lover who is suicidal?
2022-09-07Smart Folder classification in Outlook
2022-08-19feeling stupid, how to reframe this
2022-08-18Gallbladders of the young
2022-08-12Non-Mystical Explanation for Past Life Memory?
2022-07-01"Another ""What's that song?"" question"
2022-06-19Can I get some help pronouncing this Chinese name?
2022-06-02Is there a Mister Rogers in your neighborhood?
2022-05-31What is the subject of the writing on this Tibetan stone shard?
2022-05-29CBP, why do you care about an arrest 50 years ago?
2022-05-23Quarter-Century Character Breaks
2022-05-03Name these CDs Chris Wilton gives Chloe Hewett in Match Point
2022-03-19Diegetic music in The Power of the Dog
2022-03-18Songs About Werewolves?
2022-03-13Windows 10 account issues
2022-03-11Calling all theatrical costumers and sartorial historians
2022-02-23Contemporary (Era of Release) Classic Film Reactions?
2022-02-19Defunct blogging platforms
2022-02-12How X Shaped the World
2022-02-09You mean I have to do this every night until I die?
2022-01-28Book Filter: Disasters have been good for Japan?
2022-01-28best repost app for Instagram
2022-01-28Book Filter: Disasters have been good for Japan?
2022-01-28Fruit delivery box... is this a thing?
2022-01-11Firefox keeps opening tabs with ads
2022-01-09What is the single most important environmental charity?
2022-01-09Visual bookmark management with drag and drop?
2022-01-01When are rapid COVID-19 tests going to be available in the U.S. again?