Which comments by champers were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

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2022-08-22What English language US films and TV shows don't actually use English?
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2022-06-01Baltimore for the weekend with 8 adults and Paul McCartney
2022-05-25Non-sexist info on PMS
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2022-05-04How to get antibiotics prescribed right now without going to ER?
2022-05-01Need more variety for work-from-home lunches
2022-04-17Best grounding techniques for crowded/emotionally ovewhelming events?
2022-04-14Ever make peace with not knowing how someone died?
2022-04-12useful skills for the apocalypse
2022-03-18how to pick two from three of practical help, counselling, enjoyment?
2022-03-02can I ask this of a new therapist?
2022-03-01Help me talk to - and reassure - my spouse about Ukraine
2022-02-18Dealing with medical fear
2022-02-07Emotional sponge all wrung out.
2022-02-02How to be sick
2022-01-16Womens Clothing Sizes: WTF
2022-01-13What can I do to not be judgmental about people?