Which comments by Happy Dave were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-11-26"UK Toothpastefilter: Help me replace HEMA ""everclean"" Fluoride"
2021-11-10How to manage money without thinking about money
2021-09-15What role should I be in UX/UI design?
2021-08-21How does my break clause work?
2021-08-19Glass slipper search: Writing app edition
2021-07-26How to stand out as a future experience designer?
2021-07-19Bought a house, how do I tell my landlords?
2021-07-12Looking for the name of a film about a boy and partisans in WW II
2021-07-09Concept of characters are all in the protagonist's path to help them?
2021-06-24Am I blocking myself from jobs with NoScript?
2021-05-20Stories about vision (literally)
2021-04-24Be notified of new music/films/books from specific creators?