Which comments by lunasol were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-20Where would you go if you could go anywhere? Why?
2017-12-14Parenting a new puppy without buying all the things?
2017-12-14Help Me Move: ADHD Version
2017-11-18What's an effective feminist organization for holiday donations?
2017-11-14Help me find a work from home career path
2017-11-11Personal Information and Political Organizations. And Emails.
2017-10-28Novels or films that feature the creation of human society anew
2017-10-08This being a 2-part question about professional pathways
2017-10-04Ah, time for another where should I move question! Farmer edition...
2017-10-04How much should I charge to manage social media?
2017-10-02A less restrictive Whole30?
2017-09-28Talking to people without being That Person
2017-09-22Looking for a list of "leftist" places, almost like a bucket list.
2017-09-17Self-contained foods
2017-08-31Help me pick a backpack to use as hand luggage
2017-08-22Help me get out of temping and into data analysis?
2017-08-17Another Honda Fit question
2017-07-31I need a new pair of sneakers to wear every single day.
2017-07-27Somebody please help me focus
2017-07-07Looking for happy songs about how everything is terrible.
2017-07-04If I'm already bi, does she still get a toaster?
2017-06-26Surprising Things You Enjoy
2017-04-30You have leveled up! Time to upgrade your armor.
2017-03-06To negotiate, or not to negotiate, that is the question
2017-03-06To negotiate, or not to negotiate, that is the question
2017-02-01Be my tiebreaker: Do I need a car?
2017-01-30Teaching in Mexico
2017-01-16Help me avoid illness for 6+ months
2017-01-15Should I move across the country?
2017-01-15Should I move across the country?
2017-01-14Need pragmatic advice for a friend who is suffering spousal abuse
2017-01-05Would you eat it: gelatinous bone broth soup?