Which comments by Alterscape were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-11-08Introduce me to more 21st-century music
2021-11-08Introduce me to more 21st-century music
2021-08-25Dear Humans: I'm Looking for Structured, Straight-info Podcasts
2021-08-23Do you like your Oculus Quest? Share the pros and cons, please!
2021-07-23I've had two shots (Moderna, in March) thought I was bulletproof. Nope.
2021-05-14Feel I'm stuck in helpdesk/tech support roles, want more from career
2021-05-11Get the OLED out
2021-05-02Is damaged invisible fencing a hazard?
2021-04-27Big monitors with multiple computers
2021-04-01Mathematics for 3D modeling
2021-03-27Can Hotspot be bolstered by nearby WiFi?
2021-01-26Is there anything remotely like Flash CS3 for android development?
2021-01-09True two-hander films about professional relationships
2021-01-04Question about The Expanse
2021-01-01Why does my svg file look different in different apps?