Which comments by Kadin2048 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

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2018-12-20Hosting / Guest Etiquette
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2018-12-16I yearn for a warm front seat when I get in the car.
2018-12-13Sailboat sailing upstream with no wind
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2018-11-30Saving $ by reusing
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2018-11-26Cricut versus Silhouette versus Reality
2018-11-14Coping with performance review issues
2018-11-14GDPR-free (no ads, no cookies) web host?
2018-11-05All-inclusive tropical resort that doesn't suck?
2018-11-02ERA: what is it for
2018-09-04Condolence gift after a sudden passing
2018-06-27Base for inflatable hot tub
2018-04-16Are hydrogen peroxide soaks safe?
2018-04-13Relocating for job: When to what?
2018-01-24What is the correct way to clean a metal roof?
2018-01-24Music Licensing: Who signs first? The Licensor or the Licensee?
2018-01-04Did I zap my new computer?