Which comments by JohnnyGunn were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-10-14Help me figure out how to ship very large art from Belgium to NYC?
2022-09-16Logistics advice on a cross-country move
2022-09-03“Investing” in real estate.
2022-09-02Noob question about agency contracting/invoicing
2022-08-31Competing Doc Appointments. What to do?
2022-08-29Can I learn to love a white car?
2022-08-27What to expect from an ACDF (anterior cervical discectomy and fusion)?
2022-08-21Why can one kid get out of the car and the other can’t?
2022-08-18"Any problem with application forms, etc., asking for ""telephone number""?"
2022-08-09Retrieving photos from my phone with a broken screen?
2022-08-03wait, so I’m supposed to do ALL of this now?
2022-08-02deleting PayPal account
2022-07-26Yet another Covid quandary
2022-07-13Can I eat this? Refrozen gelato in a bouncy castle
2022-07-12Delayed name change--what to do?
2022-07-01US Politics: How much do fundraising deadlines matter, really?
2022-07-01What do kids want to know about parents?
2022-06-25Resources for protesting
2022-06-22Housemate romance coming to an end. How do I move on?
2022-06-21Which rental car/SUV has good space for suitcases? Like, 6 suitcases?
2022-06-13Rent a ladder in downtown Manhattan
2022-06-08Would you take a survey about MetaFilter?
2022-05-29Moving boxes? Sure look pretty still to me
2022-05-25COVID testing in Manchester UK for flight back to US?
2022-05-20Do Rhode Island restaurants have to post their prices?
2022-05-10Do I need an International Driver's Permit to rent a car in Spain?
2022-05-01I moved to Columbus, OH. And bought a house. It was a huge mistake.
2022-04-28Irriitable customer leaves me feeling a little bruised
2022-04-21What is this playground equipment?
2022-04-07How do I win free Pepsi?
2022-04-04Lace Locks
2022-04-04Lace Locks
2022-03-30Death full stop.
2022-03-21Help me evaluate the COVID risk of returning to the office
2022-03-16Help me help my girlfriend, a very sweet tax delinquent