Which comments by EndsOfInvention were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

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2018-10-18Roasted Vegetables 2.0
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2018-06-06Diabetes: Change in Math for A1C to mg/dl Conversion? Huh? When? Why?
2018-06-02How Bureaucracy Works, The Show
2018-05-01How do dial Metropolitan Police (London) from Canada
2018-05-01How do dial Metropolitan Police (London) from Canada
2018-04-24Email from Facebook: accept new TOS or delete account?
2018-04-20An adventure company is stealing from people - can I take action?
2018-04-10I'm an idiot and I already ate it
2018-04-05Would you, could you, on a boat? With kids?
2018-02-27Please save me from my alarm!
2018-02-27An I eligible for an eBay refund?
2018-02-02VR / 360 video not starring me!