Which comments by uberchet were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-11-20What does a parent need to know about XBox?
2018-11-07What's a practical way of managing batteries for cordless tools?
2018-11-07Programming for Business/MIS: Java or C++?
2018-11-06Programming for Business/MIS: Java or C++?
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2018-10-04This hurts more than a new pair of docs
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2018-08-03Why is IG so creepy?
2018-08-03Good actor interviews on podcasts?
2018-06-22First triathlon, reassure me
2018-06-22First triathlon, reassure me
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2018-03-20Change my Outlook: Creating Forms in the Body of Email Messages
2018-03-16The most important question I've ever asked
2018-03-13Cool stuff in Baltimore
2018-02-26Living in Gulfport/Biloxi Mississippi
2018-02-20How can MS project users let me know when they've made updates?
2018-01-25Bluetooth wireless buds for calls?
2018-01-24Bluetooth wireless buds for calls?
2018-01-17Help me find the perfect, portable coffee mug