Which comments by ourobouros were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-30A holiday feast for tender stomachs
2017-12-04Looking for a cheaper version of Carrie Fisher's earrings
2017-12-04Please help protect me from evil eye!
2017-11-21How to ask for what you need/want in dating?
2017-11-20Workflow for printing very large photos
2017-11-16manifest density
2017-10-13I need a poker face by Monday morning.
2017-10-13Watching "Drive" as a violence hating pillow watcher?
2017-10-03help me find modest workout clothes
2017-09-23Help me step up my vodka infusing game!
2017-09-20Letting go of a freelance client because of mental health reasons
2017-08-31Culinary Conundrum
2017-08-30Need resources in Sacramento, CA for mom and kid who can't go back home
2017-08-20Rapping 4 Kids
2017-08-18Help dress me for a conference - broken bone edition
2017-08-12Considering canceling wifi
2017-08-08Spice racks without noses?
2017-07-29Design my life for a week?
2017-07-26I'm having ED. Is it because of porn? What do I do? I feel so scared.
2017-07-25Is it normal for airbnb pricing to go up after I book?
2017-07-20Not everybody lives in California
2017-07-18AskMe, will you be my shopping buddy?
2017-07-16Best vegan entrees good at room temperature
2017-07-03(Re)learn to sew?
2017-07-01Design Part II: The Slickening
2017-06-14Asking for changes in a relationship
2017-06-03Help me find the same dress about 1-3 more times!
2017-05-12Long-lasting baked goods: peach + mint version
2017-04-22Unusual relaxation products?
2017-04-13What type of stain should be use for house exterior cedar?
2017-04-12How to do damage control after a job offer mistakenly made
2017-03-29The Blind and the Seers?
2017-03-20Zen and the art of making tea all day
2017-03-20Zen and the art of making tea all day
2017-03-13Hacks for workplace serenity
2017-02-26What does a healthy straight parents/queer child relationship look like?
2017-01-31Why don't people think my bedroom is real?
2017-01-17soulful electronic music
2017-01-10Tofu for dummies.
2017-01-04Coworkers like to complain while socializing - help?!