Which comments by wierdo were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-31Spray foam on wet rubble walls - yea or nay?
2020-12-14PC, XBox X or PS5?
2020-10-03Non-profits that only service other non-profits?
2020-09-09PC Gaming, what'd I miss?
2020-08-09Where are my phone jacks?
2020-07-12Choppy, stuttering video on new 4K computer monitor
2020-07-06help, I know nothing about lighting!
2020-05-05How do I know if this outlet is safe to use?
2020-05-04Jumping from an Ivy Bridge into Ice Lake
2020-05-04What do you do while waiting for a potentially terminal diagnosis?
2020-04-25We're not in Google Voice anymore.
2020-03-15Go or Cancel - important medical appt. tomorrow
2020-03-09App that says the time out loud every half hour