Which comments by zengargoyle were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-29What was the previous homeowner doing with all of this propane?
2018-11-30It’s Aunt and Uncle Scrooge
2018-11-11Green Lanterns (but not THAT green lantern)
2018-10-25Has a multivitamin cured my procrastination issues?
2018-10-07The truth about power-cycling routers & modems
2018-09-28Can I disable and then re-enable secure boot?
2018-09-20Why do washing machine timers take longer than is displayed?
2018-08-28What do these gloves say? They have kanji characters on them.
2018-08-01Super cheesy song lyrics
2018-08-01Super cheesy song lyrics
2018-07-27No interest in food except thin liquids. Help!
2018-07-25What should we see in Japan in Nov/Dec?
2018-07-22Learning Linear Algebra for Computer Graphics?
2018-07-20Is it lupus?
2018-07-19Is it lupus?
2018-07-19Is it lupus?
2018-07-13Need a pause button in my hand, unseen by webcam
2018-07-06Ideas for a Company Contest Prize Drawing
2018-05-26Blue Grass of Vermont (not the music)
2018-04-22Inflatable pool on sloping ground