Which comments by zengargoyle were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-03A formula tells a story, yes?
2020-11-29Have you ever seen art of a human figure made of arrows?
2020-11-09(2000lb) Birds on a Plane?
2020-11-07Best practices for shell script output
2020-10-29What kind of graph/chart should I use?
2020-10-16I want to make dioramas with a twist
2020-10-04Can you recommend documentaries about space?
2020-10-01Mixing different volumes of powders for a drink mix.
2020-09-25Books that foster wonderment about the body
2020-09-03How can I limit internet access by time on Linux?
2020-08-25Yet another “I can’t do more of this” media request!
2020-07-11What's wrong with my car, remote version
2020-07-07Coping with sleeping 4 hours per night?
2020-07-01Can one install and run Linux on this computer ASUS ExpertBook B9?
2020-06-27Emergency Contact Person: NONE
2020-06-19Best way to set up very local freecycling/swapping/services offered?
2020-06-16Mentoring programs for moving from the streets to the middle class?
2020-06-16Covid-19 testing, statistics, and time
2020-06-16Covid-19 testing, statistics, and time
2020-06-14I like fonts.
2020-06-05Moving between Wifi
2020-05-30I love surveys but this is nuts
2020-05-30Woodworking safety during a pandemic
2020-05-28What windows app could this be? Do you recognize the characters?
2020-05-24How to clean dusty plastic sheet protectors?
2020-05-21Mental tricks for finishing projects
2020-05-19Spontaneous Unwanted PC Factory Reset?
2020-04-27How can I sink a 7ft pole into the ground?
2020-04-24Convert 3M respirator for use during blood donation?
2020-04-06How did they accomplish this multi-person musician jam
2020-04-06CenturyLink gigabit fiber and WiFi
2020-04-04The most fun you can have with the lights on
2020-04-02Power me up! Acer laptop adapter needed -but which?
2020-03-19Rolls / Person / Week
2020-03-18Music app for Android-- listen and import ripped MP3 files?
2020-02-11What was this Elvish book/graphic novel/comic I read in the mid 90's?
2020-01-09Chilled tap water filter with no installation - does it exist?
2020-01-03Where is the video link?!