Which comments by yohko were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-23Please soothe my spider fears
2020-12-23Please soothe my spider fears
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2020-10-26Shopping for a budget laptop for seventy year old
2020-10-22Mounting tape that actually works?
2020-09-11Back to Basics 101
2020-09-07Insecure about my romantic/sexual history
2020-09-01How safe does private room/long distance train travel seem these days?
2020-08-05FOMO, COVID edition
2020-06-27Abusive/addict :..sit down talk...am I being unrealistic?
2020-05-02Sightseeing Denver to Oregon in the time of Coronavirus
2020-04-15Help My Mother Get Audiobooks
2020-04-10Help me find miniature books!
2020-04-09Hack half a screen door/pet gate?
2020-04-07We have a few days to prepare - what to do?