Which comments by taff were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-09-13Advice needed on difficult custody situation
2016-08-15Polite Way to Ask Someone to Stay Seated When Not Needed
2016-07-24How do I quit when my boss will take it very personally?
2016-07-16Is there a way to do Facebook light?
2016-07-15Need a nerdy, ball-shaped gift for a testicular cancer survivor
2016-07-14How to do myself justice on the MENSA IQ test?
2016-07-09Help me deal with an irrational loathing for a healthy thing
2016-07-05Sydney in the twenty-first century
2016-06-29How to deal with the fear of physical confrontation
2016-06-22You can't make me! o(>< )o
2016-06-07Please make me feel better about my partner hiking the West Coast Trail
2016-05-30Friend in crisis – need advice
2016-05-30Friend in crisis – need advice
2016-05-26Dividing family heirlooms (animosity edition)
2016-05-26Dividing family heirlooms (animosity edition)
2016-05-01Validate my itinerary! Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland
2016-03-31How to deal with unwanted gifts that have great value to the gifter?
2016-03-31I did a dumb thing. I need to save some underpants. Pls help.
2016-03-08Can you help with my 8yo daughter's mood swings?
2016-02-25the unbearable whiteness of being
2016-01-22What is a gender neutral craft I can make from book pages?
2016-01-19Find me a heavy, warm blanket.