Which comments by supercres were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-24How do I automate healthy eating?
2021-12-22Slim but not tight jeans comfy as chinos/khakis
2021-12-19Toaster with adjustable temperature?
2021-12-08How can I stay logged in on a website that logs me out for inactivity
2021-10-21Old week of NYT crosswords with strange themes and tricks?
2021-09-22Phone in the US for just two weeks (WA)
2021-09-22Phone in the US for just two weeks (WA)
2021-09-07Where are the gourmet cherry slices?
2021-08-27Trekking poles instead of canes?
2021-07-13Best Coffee Beans Recommendations
2021-06-21Affordable ways to frame an oversized print?
2021-03-26Settlement insurance
2021-03-22Playlist maker for words
2021-02-15Can you break my power tool purchase gridlock?
2021-01-27Recommend a well-cushioned, moisture-wicking, white, crew sock