Which comments by goingonit were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

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2021-09-26eco echo
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2021-09-05What are my options for a covered call strategy on cryptocurrencies?
2021-09-05What are my options for a covered call strategy on cryptocurrencies?
2021-09-03Home heating question: Is the best the new thing actually best?
2021-08-22Reel to reel projector birthday gift
2021-08-20Did your youth church group adopt Rivers Of Babylon?
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2021-07-28How to deal with massive digital memory requirements while overseas
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2021-07-17What even is rain?
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2021-07-14I lost it. Now I want it to stay lost.
2021-07-09Seeking real balsamic vinegar
2021-07-05What is eating my geraniums?
2021-06-16Explain guard rails in California to me
2021-06-14USA Walking Trip, where?
2021-06-02Can I whitelist cookies from certain websites?
2021-05-28Schroedinger's Lease Renewal (NYC tenant law issue)