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2018-11-29Ugh, you know what? F*ck pretty!!!
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2018-10-15staining lip balm. I want it.
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2018-08-09Pre-MRI, Pre-Diagnosis Anxiety
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2018-07-18Best audiobooks for someone who doesn't listen to audiobooks
2018-07-04Hold my hand and tell me about retina problems
2018-05-14I thought my skin had my back
2018-04-30What's the right thing to do here?
2018-04-30What's the right thing to do here?
2018-04-27Making a house feel like home, literary edition
2018-04-25Just found out that cheating ex is having a baby with the other woman
2018-04-24Niche book recommendation request
2018-04-11Would you drop or be willing to ammend a Protective Order?
2018-04-07What was this movie? Lonely misfits on a date
2018-03-25Sexual Discrimination... from "subordinates"? Best way to deal with it?
2018-03-07I know this is wrong. I can't say why. It drives me bonkers.
2018-03-05One by one, my friends age and turn to the right. I'd rather not.
2018-02-24High calorie, low fat, low sugar, soft foods?
2018-02-05Brotherly discord
2018-02-01English prepositions with regards to vehicle type
2018-01-28Recommend articles, podcasts, TV, and movies about disaster response.
2018-01-18Is there a word or phrase for a feeling of expecting self-pity?
2018-01-08Give Me Your Green Soups!