Which comments by DarlingBri were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-26Just found out my family's Jewish--how do I learn more?
2016-12-25how to wait tables?
2016-12-22Tell me your old dog stories.
2016-12-21Need help deciding between 2 jobs that both have pros and cons
2016-12-18Explain how to use a phone internationally to me like I'm a total moron
2016-12-18Hermit Santa requests accommodating elves
2016-12-09[Anxiety filter]: I really want/need to focus, but I don't know how!!
2016-12-01Low-Carb pantry meals
2016-11-25Looking for ideas for a warm new year's getaway
2016-11-25Grocery shopping for dummies.
2016-11-17What to do with bare oboe carcass?
2016-10-25My parents forgot I was raped - really confused about how to proceed
2016-10-17Condolences on death of Thai king, in a work context?
2016-10-11Got My Mind Set On You
2016-10-04You were made as well as we could make you.
2016-09-30How do I ensure recovery and healing while continuing to work with STBX?
2016-09-19how to handle manipulative thoughts
2016-09-09Spider ID
2016-09-09Spider ID
2016-08-10What are these weird symbols?
2016-08-08Help me figure out why, post partum, I have suddenly become an insomniac
2016-08-05I already bought a plane ticket. Should I take an 8-hr bus instead?
2016-08-03Being a Flight Attendant...... tell me about it!
2016-07-30Me vs. My husband's family
2016-07-26How to prevent attachment to a casual fling?
2016-07-24Moving a baby grand piano 90 miles on a budget
2016-07-20Should I rent or should I buy now?
2016-07-20It Seems to Me that "Maybe" Pretty Much Always Means "No"
2016-07-14How to do myself justice on the MENSA IQ test?
2016-07-11Where are Series 1 & 2 of Endeavour?
2016-07-06No half naked men with long hair on the cover
2016-05-22Grief at work
2016-05-21I want to contact my ex -- is my reasoning sound?
2016-05-21Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and.. start a business
2016-05-20Advice on releasing a domain I no longer need
2016-05-20Clothing babies; politely disseminating a baby registry
2016-05-18What to wear as a groom who hates formal wear?
2016-05-14Does this vine need to go?
2016-05-13girls chase boys chase girls
2016-05-11What do I feed my first-grader?
2016-05-09Help me help my mother
2016-05-06Ran out of visa pages for passport
2016-05-05Is my OKCupid okay, cupids?
2016-04-28Slotted spoons, serving spoons ... insufficient spoons to cook.
2016-04-26Have I made a mistake?
2016-04-25Dog Socks? (And other dog questions.)
2016-04-18Moving to England with kids - yay or nay?
2016-04-16help me tell him I'd like to help him
2016-04-07How are overseas assets and debts evaluated for UK lending?
2016-04-01How to deal with unwanted gifts that have great value to the gifter?
2016-03-24But, But, I Don't Wanna Work In Underland Full Time
2016-03-11Work Peer Keeps Doing my Job; Help.
2016-03-01Help me give my wife a break.
2016-03-01Sex Toy Question Time!!!!
2016-02-29Cheapest way to present A3 watercolours for exhibition
2016-02-24is CBT the best therapy approach for my anxious tween?
2016-02-22Academiafilter: assertiveness without loss of friendship
2016-02-20Preserving the stability I've worked so hard to achieve
2016-02-20Yet another special snowflake lunch question.
2016-02-20YASTE (... Safe to eat?)
2016-02-20YASTE (... Safe to eat?)
2016-02-18Name a community weblog without an "o" in the name. Bet you can't!
2016-02-15[Insurance filter] They're not teeth; they're mouth based body bonuses.
2016-02-05Shaking up my comfort zone
2016-02-04There's lowball, and then there's LOWBALL
2016-02-03Looking to make life as a big person dealing with chronic pain easier
2016-02-02Current best practice for a speedy streamlined web experience
2016-01-31mo brunch, fewer problems
2016-01-29Dogs that go Yap in the night
2016-01-23How did pre-WW2 undergraduates access library resources?
2016-01-20What travel insurance should I buy, if any?
2016-01-10Pick up the Slack or (Potentially) Let the Children Suffer?
2016-01-10The Association of Somewhat Knowledgeable Mindhive Enquirers
2016-01-08Multiple interviews in one week... How to handle current job?
2016-01-05Name my threads
2016-01-01Name my threads