Which comments by DarlingBri were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-17Exercises modified for disability, and who can help me find them
2018-12-12Advertising an Artist's Studio Space
2018-12-11Is vitamin D supplementation a good idea for me?
2018-12-05Book-demic; legacy
2018-12-04Do I want a Roomba?
2018-12-04Book-demic; legacy
2018-12-03Extra-wide pillowcases?
2018-11-21How to Cook a Small Turkey
2018-11-20Save my bacon! Or don't!
2018-11-18Will these brussels sprouts keep until turkey day?
2018-11-13Help me disarm through humor
2018-11-08Please translate this from the Irish
2018-11-04Cheap food in quantity + convenience
2018-11-03Name that Native Plant Evangelist Entity!
2018-11-01How to sell late-90s Doc Martens shoes?
2018-10-25Et tu, Pixel?
2018-10-24Helping a high schooler with organization skills
2018-10-24Is it reasonable to go to the doctor for feeling mildly tired?
2018-10-20Changing mindset about losing money but gaining quality of life
2018-10-18Appointment Book Terminology, Or: What Is Today
2018-10-18Left Tabbouleh out overnight - is it still safe?
2018-10-16Help us relocate!
2018-10-16staining lip balm. I want it.
2018-10-12Seeking ways to encourage group attendance
2018-10-10Which exchange rate to use?
2018-10-04Turning an old detached garage into a home gym (+mold?)
2018-10-01Dog with SARDS, blind dog tips?
2018-09-19How much sympathy/consideration can I expect from a flatmate
2018-09-18How much sympathy/consideration can I expect from a flatmate
2018-09-18Funeral and Burial Conundrum
2018-09-12money collection for a colleague: 21st century edition
2018-09-04My SO isn't eating properly while taking care of our baby
2018-08-28My teapot lid is cracked
2018-08-24How can I stop trying to control things?
2018-08-22Washer Woes
2018-08-22Pretty Fabrics, Papers and other Backgrounds!
2018-08-15How to travel with chronic pain
2018-08-12You are not my daughters OBGYN
2018-08-11Getting a dr's office to change an insurance code for an office visit?
2018-08-07How do I best build relationships when being alone comes naturally?
2018-07-20How to address surprises in my ancestry?
2018-07-19Coping with ongoing fatigue
2018-07-13Which London airport should we fly into from Dublin?
2018-07-09Something like a möbius strip
2018-07-07How do I soap?
2018-07-05Can I Drink This? (Too Late Edition)
2018-07-05Reaching out to a depressed friend?
2018-07-04gentle movies and TV
2018-07-01Pro-Choice Support In Under Represented Areas
2018-06-28Unstinking professionally cleaned carpet
2018-06-15Reimagining recovery
2018-06-12How to create simple video/ animate slideshow effects
2018-06-11How do I sell custom illustrations?
2018-06-08Is this the right laptop for my 9-year old?
2018-06-06What are your anxiety maintenance routines/resources?
2018-05-20Boat Naming for Dummies
2018-05-19Finding meaning outside infertility
2018-05-18Adolescent Artist Takes His Show on the Road
2018-05-13Examples of invite- or appointment-only "retail stores"?
2018-05-09Recipe for a British/Euro style Shandy?
2018-05-02Need Business Name Help.
2018-05-01How do dial Metropolitan Police (London) from Canada
2018-04-26How can I shut down arguments with my partner about prejudiced views?
2018-04-26Laundry Room Flooring
2018-04-21Possible ear drum injury
2018-04-18Help, I accidentally bought a weird cheese
2018-04-17Bespoke or stacking an enormous cabinet?
2018-04-14Life before likes.
2018-04-09Job hunt timing
2018-03-29Good Friday, Easter lunch in Spanish household, London UK - gift ideas?
2018-03-29How to curb aggression in 10-month-old neutered male cat?
2018-03-23Have to find a forever home for erotica.
2018-03-19Aching feet
2018-03-14Did my vet commit some form of malpractice?
2018-03-14Why do men keep texting when we're no longer going on dates?
2018-03-10Pausing Wellbutrin/bupropion two days after starting: can I?
2018-03-06Can moderate bee sting allergies get worse?
2018-03-06Manicure etiquette?
2018-03-05Work permits / unions for foreign construction workers in NY?
2018-03-05Work permits / unions for foreign construction workers in NY?
2018-03-05Suggestions to speed the recovery of a slight case of frost nip?
2018-03-05One by one, my friends age and turn to the right. I'd rather not.
2018-03-02Any suggestions on a future course for a 50yo renter with £50k savings
2018-02-28Ideas for digital caricature distribution?
2018-02-01Manipulated by employer--how do I get my career back on track?
2018-01-31not anything but the kitchen sink.
2018-01-27Best strategy for getting groceries home without a car?
2018-01-08Macro Social Work in Philadelphia region, No Luck for the past 6 mo
2018-01-05Should I Be Worried? - Legal advice for small business