Which comments by DarlingBri were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-20What does “not authorized to comment publicly” also imply?
2020-12-03Search engine spyware?
2020-12-01the anxiety spike
2020-10-02blue hair weirdness (aka first world problem)
2020-09-06Three percent items on etsy
2020-09-02Wild West: Work negotiations in the time of COVID
2020-08-28Feminist revenge fantasy books
2020-07-07Zoloft strengthening ear worms?
2020-06-29How do I ask my partner about his use of Grindr? Any tips?
2020-06-17Best cheap phone to replace my cheap phone
2020-06-13harassment aftermath
2020-05-09Your favorite heists!
2020-05-09Your favorite heists!
2020-05-07I don't have life insurance but I think I should have a will.
2020-04-27How was my weekend? Dreadful, you?
2020-04-14no notice resignation
2020-04-06Boundaries & Feedback in the Time of COVID
2020-03-23Routine procedure in the midst of medical overload
2020-03-22Cutting Long Straightish Asian Female Hair
2020-03-12Assisting the local community in the next weeks
2020-02-23OMG, Ireland!
2020-02-23How to deal with deprivation while saving up for a lever harp?
2020-02-22Egg Noodles or Rice?
2020-02-15Getting from Geneva to Aix-les-Bains (and beyond) with 2 bike cases
2020-01-26Shipping china from the US to Ireland
2020-01-24Chinese B2C Shopping sites?
2020-01-21Sit-and-stay training for pillow-top
2020-01-16Navigating Complexities of Web Development with Customers
2020-01-06So, I’m land rich and cash poor. What should I do?
2020-01-06Are there any bathtubs optimized for showering?