Which comments by DarlingBri were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

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2022-08-02What men's hot-weather garment am I looking for?
2022-07-24Come to me! Come to meeeee. No, seriously, come to me.
2022-07-11Free Piano! (to Good Home)
2022-06-29Planning memorial service way ahead in times of COVID
2022-06-16Make me a beachbum, VRBO man
2022-06-02Travel Gadgets 2022
2022-06-01Travel Gadgets 2022
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2022-05-01Need more variety for work-from-home lunches
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2022-03-25CBD oil for dogs - finding a similar one
2022-03-18how to pick two from three of practical help, counselling, enjoyment?
2022-03-17How do I start advertising my YouTube channel?
2022-03-16Help me help my girlfriend, a very sweet tax delinquent
2022-03-03Shed some (fan)light on the situation?
2022-02-28Financial Literacy for Adult, But Not a Gross Version
2022-02-22self care or selfishness?
2022-02-07How to monitor home health care from a distance?
2022-01-28Decoding British Accents
2022-01-28not a stickler for paperwork
2022-01-20Dr. ADHD Needs a New Career
2022-01-15Help me get someone else to help me with my life
2022-01-11Chipping in without anyone seeing how much you chipped in