Which comments by metahawk were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-14Marriage and Family Therapy and/or Nursing or Massagy Therapy advice
2017-12-06Fantasy/paranormal shows that aren't gory/miserable?
2017-11-09What was sex like in the olden days?
2017-10-30How do I figure out if I want to date my friend when I've never flirted?
2017-10-24How do I learn to trust and believe in myself again?
2017-10-20crouton petter to the max
2017-10-20Can we fire our realtor? (Buyer not under contract)
2017-10-16Cheer up, bucko.
2017-10-16Cheer up, bucko.
2017-10-11I love you...sober you
2017-10-01Why can't I let go of someone?
2017-09-12This back and forth is killing me!
2017-09-01Help Me Help My Dad
2017-08-28Reverse Mortgage - Medicaid Dilemma
2017-08-21Drawing: Just a Little Better Than Stick Figures
2017-08-16Help me avoid a panic attic/crisis
2017-08-13VocabularyFilter: what does a dupe, mark or patsy do?
2017-08-11I do this, you do this, we do that, they do something else
2017-08-11How can I set limits for my visiting sister with my five-year-old?
2017-08-11Creating a continuum of care for a stroke survivor
2017-08-07How to balance work & parenting with a toddler
2017-08-07Being a good introvert parent to an extrovert child.
2017-08-06Is it rude not to pack my own groceries?
2017-08-06Thanking/compensating a friend of a friend for driving
2017-08-04Being a good introvert parent to an extrovert child.
2017-07-31Need consistent and regular therapy but #challenges
2017-07-30Give me more euphemisms to convey uncomfortable stuff in public
2017-07-23On beyond "Wrenly"?
2017-07-22Raising prosocial kids: apology addition
2017-07-22Things you were never told about approaching 50
2017-07-22Sorry about your high expectations really not getting met, dear
2017-07-11Help date this children's globe
2017-06-29Another employment decision question
2017-06-29Timed test anxiety-- tips, advice, and should I explain?
2017-06-26What are some good places for group therapy in the Tucson area?
2017-06-26How to set boundaries with upcoming houseguest
2017-06-06How to transfer house and mortgage from my dad to me and my sibling?
2017-06-06GRE Math-Tastrophe with a fine dusting of snowflake
2017-06-02Airbnb for the disabled?
2017-06-02Airbnb for the disabled?
2017-05-29Giving a tween a lump sum budget: what to consider?
2017-04-28Friends for life?
2017-04-11Toddler Batman wants to be helpful
2017-04-09How can I stop my fight-or-flight about doing work from ruining my life?
2017-04-09Plane travel with walking boot
2017-03-29I have to pay quarterly taxes - now what? (US)
2017-03-28Flying with Children - Questions!
2017-03-19How to deal with emotional labor inequity in relationships with males?
2017-03-12How do you focus on something that's driving you up the wall?
2017-03-11Wedding gifts for my boy children?
2017-03-11How did people get fancy degrees in the olden days?
2017-03-11How did people get fancy degrees in the olden days?
2017-03-05Now doomed to a life without travel?
2017-02-12What to do when you're missing a 1099?
2017-02-01Our huddled messes yearn to be free
2017-01-31Need help with understanding English sometimes, native speaker.
2017-01-23O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How Do I Store Your Sparklies?
2017-01-14Need pragmatic advice for a friend who is suffering spousal abuse
2017-01-10My heavy furniture doesn't have feet. How do I protect the carpet?
2017-01-01Help me develop better coping strategies for difficult work environment