Which comments by metahawk were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-29Feelgood British Drama
2019-12-24For example, a sculpture made of toxic waste but realistic
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2019-11-22Is it okay for a committed partner to flirt with women on social media?
2019-11-17Life tasks - what do we do and when
2019-11-04air purifier with air quality monitoring
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2019-10-22Looking for catechisms or introductions to religions for total noobs
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2019-10-13Why is refrigerator/freezer door hard to open?
2019-09-24Looking for: 1. audio with transcripts and 2. articles with translations
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2019-08-18How to allocate limited time to lots of work
2019-08-15What are backyards for?
2019-08-14Is there a minivan in my future?
2019-08-02dagnabbit not again
2019-07-28Protocol for Meeting Adopted Ukrainian Niece/Nephew in the US?
2019-07-20Pee before ZZZ
2019-07-19Relationship Rituals and Family Traditions
2019-07-17How to I fake it until I make it?
2019-07-13Best way for a 30 year-old making $22,000/year to save for old age?
2019-07-09Surprise bill from California ambulance ride
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2019-06-21Road trip relationship crisis
2019-06-17How can I channel and release constant feelings of anger and hurt?
2019-06-17How do I navigate this issue with my relationship with my parents?
2019-05-09Is AbleTo going to share my medical info with my health insurance?
2019-04-12I have money; how do I get the IRS to take it?
2019-04-06How to deal when people reflexively "Well, On The Bright Side…" me?
2019-03-23When to quit therapy? When to find a new therapist?
2019-03-15Wanted: your best wisdom & resources to support an 'estrangee'
2019-03-09Help me name my nonprofit?
2019-02-20How to stop getting up early after travelling west?
2019-02-17Choosing a meal replacement
2019-02-01Car trade in—how does it work?
2019-01-28Is there a real chance a pro could fix my >$10K mistake?
2019-01-07Is a move out notice from a landlord a binding contact?