Which comments by metahawk were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-22Dealing with resubmittal of Provider claims
2020-12-21Lyft for Christmas lights?
2020-12-10Curbing Christian conservative parents.
2020-12-06amuse my bouche
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2020-10-22Who to donate to before U.S. election?
2020-10-16Is it really necessary to have a ton of money to start a business?
2020-10-14Can I Eat This? Refrigerated, unopened raw bacon edition
2020-09-21Help protecting furniture from incontinence
2020-09-21Help protecting furniture from incontinence
2020-09-21Help protecting furniture from incontinence
2020-09-10holiday gifts teen version
2020-09-05What do I do with all the despair
2020-09-05Gift to Hairdresser: Good or Bad Idea?
2020-09-04Should I leave my kind, loyal boyfriend that I don't love??
2020-08-29Buying and selling in age of COVID
2020-08-28Legal ability to use brands in movies without permission
2020-08-25Consultation as a therapist in WA state
2020-08-12What can you say about the trial after being excused from jury duty?
2020-08-03Helped friend A help his friend B, then B paid me unexpectedly
2020-07-28How can I convince my church leaders not to resume in-person services?
2020-07-27Field switching before the PhD - advice?
2020-07-12envelope full of covid
2020-07-03Spending fourth of July alone
2020-06-06What should I do with all these veggie-sausage breakfast patties?
2020-06-04New role conflicts with previous client's vague plans - how to deal?
2020-06-03I am conflicted/terrified to leave my addict husband , child involved
2020-06-01Preview for Mac no longer copies and pastes pdf pages?
2020-05-04Naming a website targeting students of a local college
2020-04-13Date night during coronavirus
2020-04-09Stay at home and get food delivered, or go out so others can stay in?
2020-03-30Two plans, only one used - what to do?
2020-03-19"Depends on your definition of ""diagnosed"""
2020-03-16Recruiter response when you like where you are but are worried about lay
2020-03-15Questions to ask Risk Management before I return to work
2020-02-16Embezzling co-owner trying to kick partner out of business, help!
2020-02-13Fabulous Valentine’s menu for family
2020-02-08Seeking royalty free short children's stories and songs?
2020-02-01Setting boundaries with emotionally difficult elderly parents