Which comments by Squeak Attack were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-06Dog displayed food aggression for the first time
2017-11-27What kind of tree plant is this, and is it safe for cats?
2017-11-20Should I rehome my dog?
2017-11-11"Faculty member sponsor". What does that mean? PhD edition.
2017-11-11"Faculty member sponsor". What does that mean? PhD edition.
2017-10-12Lend me your delightfully tedious hobbies
2017-09-28What should I say instead of "fudge" around my kid?
2017-09-19How to develop resilience as an adult
2017-09-13Yet another question wasted on the pursuit of perfect bangs.
2017-08-26What interesting detective stuff can my daughter read / watch ?
2017-08-18What's your favorite boba tea flavor?
2017-08-15Teach me to dye curtains and un-grayscale my house
2017-08-10I have no willpower! (can't stop eating junk food)
2017-07-27please explain to me the purpose of bath mats?
2017-07-25It's like Ludacris is speaking directly to my soul.
2017-06-06Where to buy reasonably-priced jewelry in Portland area?
2017-06-05What's this tree?
2017-03-17Looking to adopt a puppy! Now what?
2017-03-10Hipster Bib Aprons, But Without The Hipster Prices
2017-03-01How do I deal with wanting to help, but feeling like I'm losing my life.
2017-02-24Does self-striping yarn follow rules?