Which comments by furnace.heart were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-11-12Can I boil chicken feet in my already prepared chicken stock?
2016-09-18How did lucid dreaming suddenly manifest in my life?
2016-09-09Quirky cool things in Portland, OR in the next couple of weeks?
2016-08-19Aloha. Take me to your lounge chair.
2016-08-17Big flag + wall = how?
2016-08-02How to use use up a bottle of horribly sweet wine?
2016-07-13Typical Love Story With Twist: Vegetarian Meets Bacon
2016-07-12Any stock market followers know why Amazon dropped at 1:45 today?
2016-07-06Never go in against a cherry pit when death is on the line! Ha ha ha...
2016-06-14 California to Santiago, Chile by car? Uh, nope?
2016-06-08Buying a bike to shuttle kids
2016-05-31What kind of generator do I want?
2016-05-25How to find my father's old house?
2016-05-22Learn all the coffee things
2016-05-22Learn all the coffee things
2016-05-13Tiny little transglutaminase packets?
2016-05-03Easy-clean leakproof 20 oz. coffee mug with loop or strap?
2016-04-19How can I "just do what I want" when I don't know what I want?
2016-04-19How can I "just do what I want" when I don't know what I want?
2016-04-18Homeless in Portland - help with resources?
2016-04-06How do I get all these tunes in my rooms?
2016-03-24Ghost Pearl My Whip
2016-03-15What the hell was in that coffee?
2016-03-09I paid an illegal move-in fee, now I'm being kicked out. What to do?
2016-03-09Help us make a master list of weeknight recipes!
2016-03-05Cargo bike life
2016-02-27Traveling to Managua for work, any tips and/or advice?
2016-01-07Ideas for your (small) dream kitchen